First Publications

Today, I finally get to say something I've wanted to say for a very long time:

I am a published author.

I actually forgot that today was the day I was getting published. My therapist had to remind me. I've been caught up in school and my health and all sorts of other things, it honestly just slipped my mind (even though I have it marked on my desk calendar). 

It's a non-fiction essay about a short story collection that changed my life, "FEN" by Daisy Johnson. I highly suggest all of you stop whatever it is you're doing and buy it so you can be just as changed as I was. I actually got to interview Daisy for an assignment, and I'm hoping to get the Q&A published elsewhere, at some point. I also ended up writing a creative-surreal-y piece about it to turn in as an assignment, but that's neither here nor there (maybe it will go up here, one day? Who knows, I don't think I can publish it anywhere else). 

I have a lot of feelings about my first published piece. I thought it would matter less because it's non-fiction as opposed to fiction (which I will have news about later...) but it really means the world to me, no matter what. To think that someone wanted to share my words with the world, that means a lot to me.

This is the first step and I know it's only going to get more amazing from here.