The Future Fire. Kat’s lip just won’t stop bleeding.

idle hands
Asymmetry. One morning, Mia’s hand goes numb. (body horror)

Brilliant Flash Fiction. A girl named Susanna is born once again.

Write City Magazine. A grandmother ruminates about her granddaughter at the end of her life.

the big peel
Jitter Press. A woman’s skin starts to peel (print version available for purchase in Jitter Press’ 7th volume)(body horror).

the consultant
Inwood Indiana Press. May goes to visit a consultant about a problem (print version available for purchase in Inwood Indiana Press’ Empty Silos).

girl next door
Hair Trigger 2.0 Cybil’s neighbor is a bit odd, and she’s determined to find out why.

Hashtag Queer: Volume 3 Things aren’t exactly as they appear when Em and her partner go to an old corn maze (only available in the print anthology).


A View From A Fen
Thresholds UK. Creative non-fiction essay about the experience of reading FEN by Daisy Johnson. 

An Interview with Daisy Johnson
The Lit Pub. Interview with Man Booker shortlisted author Daisy Johnson about her short story collection FEN as well as her debut novel Everything Under and her writing process.

Writing While…
AWP Writer’s Notebook. Short essay on labels and choices made when writing.

An Interview with Gilmore Tamny
Punctuate. Interview with poet and musician Gilmore Tamny about her newest collection of poetry, HAIKU4U.

Again and Again
New Southern Fugitives. Review of Gilmore Tamny’s newest collection of poetry, HAIKU4U.

“An Interview with Patricia Colleen Murphy”
TBA. Interview with Arizona-based poet and teacher Patricia Colleen Murphy about her newest collection of poetry, Bully Love.

“Love, Bully Love”
TBA. Review of Patricia Colleen Murphy’s newest collection of poetry, Bully Love.