"bite" on The Future Fire - A short story about a girl named Kat whose lip won’t stop bleeding.

"idle hands" on Asymmetry - A short body horror about a woman named Mia whose hand goes numb.

visiting” on Brilliant Flash Fiction - A short piece about a girl named Susanna being reborn.

bloodlines” on Write City Magazine - A short piece about a grandmother and her granddaughter.

the big peel” on Jitter Press - A short piece about a woman whose skin starts to peel (print version available for purchase in Jitter Press’ 7th volume).


"A View From A Fen" on Thresholds UK  - Creative non-fiction essay about the experience of reading "FEN" by Daisy Johnson. 

"Write, then write, then write again" on The Future Fire Blog - On the process of writing creatively for academia versus for publication.